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QC12K-6X3200 CNC hydraulic plate shears Performance and features

QC12K-6X3200 CNC hydraulic plate shears Performance and features:

All steel welded structure, comprehensive treatment (heat treatment) to eliminate internal stress, has good rigidity and stability;u

Adopt advanced set, into the hydraulic system, good reliability;

Eliminate the gap of guide rail, improve the shearing quality;Motor rear gear, manual fine tuning, digital display;

The blade gap is adjusted by hand wheel, which is quick, accurate and convenient.

Rectangular blade, four cutting edges can be used, long service life.Adjustable shearing Angle, reduce the distortion of sheet metal;u

Rest use | introversion structure, facilitate blanking, and improves the precision of the work;

With segmented shear function, with lighting device function,

Automatic front feeding and rear feeding device (optional configuration);

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