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Cnc hydraulic press brake Performance and work slider

I. Cnc hydraulic press brake Performance and characteristics

1. Hydraulic transmission to ensure that the work will not change due to the thickness of the plate, in addition, the machine has the characteristics of smooth work, convenient operation, low noise, safety and reliability.

2. The cylinder is equipped with a mechanical block to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the sliding block to the bottom dead point, so as to ensure the consistency of the bending Angle during mass production.

3. Adopt German technology to eliminate internal stress.

4. The whole frame is derusting by sand beating and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

Two, Cnc hydraulic press brake work slider

1. The machine adopts hydraulic electric control, the slide stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily, and has the action specifications of point, semi-automatic, automatic, etc., the use of the point standard can be convenient for mold test and adjustment.

2. Upmoving bending machine design, double cylinders work at the same time, the operation is balanced, convenient and safe.

3. The lower dead point has the function of keeping the calendering time to ensure the precision of the workpiece.

4. Bending Angle precision reference standard JB/T22572-1999 national standard

5. With the function of slow descent control, the operator can better control the workpiece.

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