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Cnc hydraulic shearing machine operator post safety production responsibility system

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, structure and principle of the equipment, and should wear labor protection articles before operation Cnc hydraulic shearing machine.

Two, according to the thickness of the plate shearing machine cutting material, adjust the gap between the knife edge, after adjustment to meet the requirements of this machine, and then start Cnc hydraulic shearing machine.

3. The distance below the pressure plate from the working face shall not be less than 25mm, so as not to affect the normal work. Before starting, check whether the electrical action is coordinated and the transmission part is barrier-free.

Five, the machine tool to be responsible for a person, others can not casually start.

Six, more than two people to operate together should have a master and slave, and should pay attention to the continuous and command signals, coordinated operation.

Seven, feed, must be placed in the flat, careful fingers, not close to the scissors and pressure plate.

Eight, pay attention to the turnover environment, finished products, waste shall not be misplaced, the ground to keep clean.

If you cut special materials, you must pass the workshop leader, otherwise you are not allowed to cut.

Ten, the brake device should be adjusted in time according to the wear condition.

11. After work, clean up the work site and wipe the equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

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