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Numerical control CNC plasma cutting machine working principle

CNC plasma cutting machine product advantages

1. Double mode selection of automatic and semi-automatic cutting

2. Digital precise control of cutting length

3. Easy to operate

4, the cutting speed is fast, the cutting seam is narrow, the incision is smooth

5, the workpiece deformation is low, simple operation

Numerical control plasma cutting machine working principle

Numerical control plasma cutting machine from the structure is divided into: the main circuit, control circuit and gas circuit three parts.

(1) the main loop comprises a contactor, a three-phase transformer, a three-phase bridge rectifier, and a high-frequency oscillator.

(2) The control loop is composed of control transformer and other components.

(3) The air path part is composed of decompression and solenoid valve.

Numerical control plasma cutting machine principle is described as follows: after connecting the power supply and air source, close the switch, power indicator light, cooling fan rotation immediately. Press the cutting torch micro switch, the relay power operation, the normally open contact is connected, the solenoid valve action, the air circuit is connected, the cutting torch for pre-ventilation.

Plasma cutting machine is a kind of computer control, tight mechanical transmission, oxygen gas cutting or plasma cutting technology combined with high efficiency, high precision, high reliability of multi-functional hot cutting automation equipment. It is suitable for many kinds of material processing, can be used for shipbuilding, steel structure, electric power, boiler, locomotive and rolling stock, petrochemical and other manufacturing industries of high precision steel plate hot cutting.

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