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How to restore operation of CNC plasma cutting machine after power failure

In the use of CNC cutting machine, whether the plasma mode or flame mode, will encounter a sudden power or flameout all kinds of accidents.

When an accident occurs, it is necessary to properly handle the follow-up work, otherwise it may lead to waste of raw materials or damaged works.

Early Hua Yucheng CNC cutting equipment xiaobian to share with you the flame cutting machine encountered an accident.

Troubleshoot the fault that the cutting is not transparent. Yesterday the customer consulted CNC plasma cutting machine encountered power failure how to restore operation?

I'm going to share this with you today.

Do not move the machine or cutting parts when the power is cut off, so that it will not shift. Once it's shifted,

it needs to be repositioned and that will cause some deviation.

After power restore, according to the normal startup mode operation, CNC plasma cutting machine boot into the welcome page,

press any key to Enter the latest cutting interface, then press F7 manual move, then continue to press F7 power recovery,

this time press Enter key, press Start Start, so that the gun will fall gun began to cut.

In addition to the first time some customers also use some soil method, is to re-select the cutting graph,

or according to the last cutting mode with the origin,

simulate walking to the breakpoint position, and then switch mode to the current state, and then start cutting,

although the method is feasible, but not as simple and accurate as the above operation.

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