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How to use the CNC plate shearing machine to understand the key points

The object of shearing machine operation is basically metal materials, in order to achieve easy operation and processing accuracy requirements,

most of today's shearing machine has been used to numerical control technology.

This new shearing machine not only improves the work efficiency a lot,

even the accuracy of shearing has improved a lot, but even if the equipment itself is very good,

but the precautions in the process of operation can not be less.

When just started the CNC shearing machine, it is best not to rush to carry out the operation, let it idling for a period of time,

and try to cut different sheets under normal working conditions, judging the performance of the equipment through the shear effect.

In the test shear, it is necessary to adjust the different high blade clearance of the shearing machine reasonably,

so as to ensure the durability of the shearing machine blade.

CNC plate shearing machine in the execution of the shear operation, the need to observe the oil pressure value,

we must bear in mind not to shear the specified material surface to improve the pressure, so as not to damage the equipment.

Once found in the operation of nc plate shearing machine abnormal words,

it must immediately stop maintenance, troubleshooting can continue.

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