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Factors affecting the price of CNC plate shearing machine

1, CNC plate shearing machine important production configuration needs to be estimated according to the agreement letter of intent,

inquiry cost, and then statistical comprehensive estimation;

2, and the plate plate market price changes have a great relationship,

because the main material of the plate shearing machine is the plate, plate price changes will directly

and obviously affect the price of CNC plate shearing machine;

3, and manufacturing CNC plate shears related accessories market adjustment changes have a small relationship;

4, national macro-control and government support will also affect the price of CNC shearing machine;

5, and customers order the product configuration requirements have a close relationship,

the higher the configuration, the corresponding CNC shearing machine price is higher;

6, CNC shearing machine brand effect also has an inseparable relationship with prices, some well-known large enterprises brand product price than some of the common small brand of product price is much higher,

its reason is largely because the brand product from the choice of materials, from the design principle,

from the aspects of process technology, from after-sale service the competitiveness, so the price is higher;

7, imported and domestic price difference is very big, because domestic CNC shearing machine brand occupy the more low-end market, and some products more high-end market is dominated by some foreign brand name products,

the reason is because technology products abroad than domestic technology more advanced, so prices significantly higher than domestic prices.

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