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Seven simple steps to operate a CNC punch

Seven simple steps to operate a CNC punch

1. Before installing the mold, the mold must be carefully checked, and the mold can only be installed within the allowable range of the punch's travel stroke, so that it can be used within the specified safety range.

2. During the startup of the equipment, the compressed air valve (or oil pump) should be opened first and the friction wheel motor should be opened.

3. The blacksmiths must be trained when friction pressure is used in forging CNC punch .

4. Pay attention to whether the pressure and air compression of the oil pump are normal when working normally

5. Before running the machine, strictly check the vertical head positioning device, the loosening of the mold, and whether the buffer is in good condition.

6. The flywheel rotation is not allowed to adjust the press or install the mold and other irrelevant matters.

7. When the work is finished, close the punch in order and fall smoothly.

The position of the control punch mainly depends on the size and shape of the hole of your processed products. The general turret mold can be classified according to the aperture size of the mold, which is convenient for the selection of the mold. Usually divided into A, B, C, D, E five grades.

A(1/2) station: processing range ø 1.6 ~ ø 12.7mm

B(11/2 ") station: processing range ø 12.7 ~ ø 31.7mm

C(2 ") work position: processing range ø 31.7 ~ ø 50.8mm

D(31/2 ") station: processing range ø 50.8 ~ ø 88.9mm

E(41/2 ") station: processing range ø 88.9 ~ ø 114.3mm

CNC punch die can be processed according to the needs of the product, configuration of the die. At present, there are 6, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, 32 stations of CNC punch.

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