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CNC punch water should be how to deal with?

The service life of CNC punch is long, it can be said that there is a great relationship with the maintenance of the operation staff at ordinary times (of course, with the quality of the factory is also related, today xiaobian only introduces the maintenance work, so don't coax cheap to buy inferior CNC punch). Today xiaobian mainly introduces one of the maintenance work: if when the CNC punch water, what measures should the operator take?


1, must be the first time to cut off the power supply, to prevent electric shock, to prevent the expansion of the fault.


2, and then remove all the electrical equipment soaked in water.


3. If the components are soaked in turbid water, the chassis should be dismantled and cleaned with clean water.


4. Drain the components and components.


5. Put the damp components and components into the oven to dry (with temperature-controlled oven). If you do not have the oven, you need to expose the damp components and components to the sun for several days.


6. Reinstall the removed parts.


7. Electrify the baked parts and components one by one to test their integrity.


8, by the professional personnel to check the parts, components back to the machine.


9, boot, combined adjustment, sports car, normal use.

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