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The role of servo motor control module in the whole system CNC shearing machine

CNC shearing machine with ARM processor as the core module, including input and output module, communication module, servo motor control module, power module, and hardware watchdog.

The system adopts photoelectric isolation to prevent interference signals. At the same time, through the scanning of input signals and the control of output signals,

a series of actions in the shearing process of the plate shearer and the positioning of the rear baffle plate are realized.

In addition, with the in place lamp and alarm lamp, various information and working status of the system are displayed.

Design of each module of CNC plate shearing machine:

(1) Input and output module. With the rapid development of electronic commodities in China, the integration degree of each module is getting higher and higher.

The selection of integrated components helps to improve the integration of the overall design

and facilitate the later iteration and upgrade of individual modules.

Therefore, this scheme fully considers these factors in the selection of input/output module,

and selects an integrated INPUT/output module, which has both input/output circuit and input/

output latch circuit, greatly improving the efficiency of man-machine interaction.

(2) Display module. Considering that industrial production does not need high resolution display screen, so this design in the selection of the screen, on the one hand, the screen can provide a better display effect;

On the other hand, it also greatly reduces the cost of hardware.

The display screen also has touch function, through which visual programming and control can be realized.

The control program can be displayed graphically on the screen, which strengthens the human-computer interaction.

To a certain extent, the pre-development workload of human-computer interaction is increased

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