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Before feeding CNC shearing machine shearing plate size and shearing machine maintenance?

CNC shearing machine shearing plate, in addition to the hydraulic shearing machine, and CNC shearing machine, etc.

These types, of which the hydraulic and CNC shearing machine, is an important product in site and the main key words,

as a result, based on the above factors, the following, will be for one of them, for the interpretation of knowledge work,

good let everyone with learning content, thus, deep plate shears in this product.

1. CNC shearing machine and shearing machine, they are in essence, there is a difference?

CNC shearing machine and shearing machine, these two, are belong to the shearing machine this category, and between them is a subordinate relationship.

So, essentially, there's no difference between them. The CNC plate shearing machine, which can be woven into steps to work, thus, to save working time, improve work efficiency.

2. CNC shearing machine this kind of shearing machine, what are the important parts of it?

Before feeding CNC shearing machine, its shearing plate size is not accurate, how to find the reason?

CNC plate shearing machine this kind of plate shearing machine, its important parts, mainly is a plate shearing tool,

as well as some important modules, such as transmission module and control module.

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