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Main Points of Shearing Machine Maintenance and Starting Method of Shearing Machine

CNC shearing machine contains a lot of knowledge points. Regarding the knowledge points of CNC shearing machine, the following focuses on its maintenance and start-up. The specific content is as follows. I hope that everyone can benefit from it.

  1. Safety points

(1) Before starting the machine every day, you must check whether the wires are damaged, whether the wire ends are exposed, and whether the equipment is operating normally.

(2) The overhaul of the equipment should be carried out when the power is cut off to avoid the danger of electric shock.

(3) When the machine is running, the operator should keep a certain safe distance from it to ensure the personal safety of the personnel and avoid accidents.

(4) Tools, etc. should be placed neatly and should not be placed randomly to avoid loss.

(5) If the equipment is abnormal, it should be shut down and reported for repair in time. It is strictly forbidden to run the equipment with disease.

  1. Maintenance points

(1) Clean up before starting the machine every day to check whether the machine has oil leakage and whether its lubrication is good.

(2) Whether the parts are damaged, whether the connectors are loose, etc.Finally, let's analyze the operation mode of the shearing electromechanical starting system. The specific analysis is as follows.

The shearing machine contains a power system. For the power system, it is generally driven by an ordinary asynchronous motor. However, if the machine is continuously stopped and started during the cutting process, it will consume energy and reduce the work of the machine. Efficiency, therefore, if you use an electric starting system, you can avoid this problem and improve the precision of the cutting board.

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