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Common faults and solutions of CNC system bending machine

Fault one: the CNC system  bending machine is abnormal

This failure is usually caused by software, misoperation during operation or frequent abnormal shutdown can lead to file loss,

so that the software does not work properly.

You can judge according to the system prompts, and then decide whether to reinstall the software.

Fault two: sliding block motion failure CNC system bending machine

The slider movement of the bending machine can be divided into four processes,

starting back to zero, fast drive, working stroke and slider return.

Y axis change slider does not move: it is measured according to the electrical schematic diagram in order to

determine whether the hydraulic system is faulty or the electrical system is faulty.

If the servo valve is energized properly, it is a hydraulic system failure, otherwise it is an electrical system failure.

No fast forward of the slider: the fast forward of the slider is generated by the oil return from the lower chamber and

the negative pressure oil suction formed by the weight of the slider in the upper chamber.

It can also be determined according to the electric situation of the servo valve is the fault

of the hydraulic system or the fault of the electrical system, and then targeted solution.

Slide block no work: same method as above.

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