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Amd-357 series CNC turret punch performance characteristics are as follows

Amd-357 series CNC turret punch performance characteristics are as follows:

● Spain Fage 4-axis CNC punch special system, with digital AC servo motor, faster speed, higher stability.

● Steel plate welded closed fuselage, after the overall tempering treatment, good rigidity, small deformation.

● High standard digital hydraulic main drive system, speed and stroke adjustable; With secondary positioning system, can realize no dead zone processing.

● Transmission system adopts international brand high precision, large lead ball screw, linear guide rail, high precision, good performance.

● Main pneumatic components, electrical components, hydraulic components with international famous brand products, machine performance is good.

● Adopt standard casting integral thick turret die plate and standard thick turret international universal mold.

● Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device, reduce the friction between the motion pairs, improve the service life of the machine;

● The function of rotating position effectively solves the shearing difficulty of irregular Angle.

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