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CNC turret punch processing method

CNC turret punch processing method
1) Single punching: single completion punching, including linear dispersion, circular dispersion, circular dispersion, grid hole stamping.
2) the same direction of continuous blanking: the use of rectangular mold some stacking processing method, can process long holes, trimming, etc..
3) multi-direction continuous blanking: the use of small mold processing hole processing method.
4) Nibbling: the use of small round die with a small step to successive punching arc processing method.
5) Single forming: according to the mold shape of a shallow deep drawing molding processing method.
6) continuous forming: forming than mold scale molding processing method, such as scale shutter, rolling ribs, rolling steps and other processing methods.
7) Array forming: processing multiple pieces of the same or different workpiece processing methods on the board.
Processing station
The general thick turret mould is generally graded according to the aperture scale that the mould can process, which is convenient for the selection of the mould. Generally divided into A, B, C, D, E five grades.
A(1/2") station: processing scale ø 1.6~ ø 12.7mm
B(1-1/2") station: processing scale ø 12.7~ ø 31.7mm
C(2") work position: processing scale ø 31.7~ ø 50.8mm
D(3-1/2") station: processing scale ø 50.8~ ø 88.9mm
E(4-1/2") station: processing scale ø 88.9~ ø 114.3mm

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