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Use and maintenance of CNC turret punch die

Use and maintenance of CNC turret punch die

Some technical points should be followed in the use and maintenance of CNC turret punch die and put forward corresponding solutions to practical problems,

which may have a good guiding role for users. Ensure mold clearance of *.

Die clearance refers to the punch into the lower die, the sum of clearance on both sides. It is related to plate thickness, material and stamping process,

the selection of appropriate mold clearance, can ensure good punching quality, reduce burr and collapse, keep the sheet smooth, effectively prevent with material, prolong the life of the mold.

By checking the stamping waste, you can determine whether the mold clearance is appropriate.

If the gap is too large, the scrap will have rough undulating fracture surface and smaller bright surface.

The larger the gap is, the larger the Angle between the fault surface and the bright surface will be formed.

When punching, crimping and fracture will be formed, and even a thin edge protrusion will appear.

On the contrary, if the gap is too small, the waste will appear small Angle fracture surface and large bright surface.

When grooving, punching, shearing and other local stamping, the lateral force will make the punch deflect and cause unilateral gap is too small,

and sometimes the edge offset is too large to scratch the lower die, resulting in rapid wear of the upper and lower die.

When the mold is pressed to the right gap, the fracture surface of the waste and the bright surface have the same Angle,

and overlap with each other, so that the punching force is minimized, and the burr of the punch is also very small.

CNC turret punch die

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