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What are the characteristics ofaluminum? CO2 lasers or fiber lasers can be used to cut thin non-ferrous metal sheets.

What are the characteristics ofaluminum?

Aluminum is a rich metal accounting for about 8% of the weight of the earth's crust Like brasscopper silver and goldit is a non-ferrous metal

Nonferrous metals refer to metals other than iron or steelMany of them have the characteristics of light weight and good conductivity.

Aluminum is light, soft but durable,which makes it easy to cut or shape on a laser cutting machine.

Unlike iron or steel, aluminum has the function of rust and corrosion prevention.

Due to the high flexibility of aluminum,the waste is usually the leastand any remaining waste can be recvcled

Can laser cut aluminum plate?

CO2 lasers or fiber lasers can be used to cut thin non-ferrous metal sheets.

However when cutting with carbon dioxide laserit is necessary to coat the material surface to avoid the reflected light from damaging the laser device.

Fiber laser can be directly used for non-ferrous metal cutting

Aluminum can be cut by various types of cutting machinessuch as laserplasma
waterjet or mechanical cutting machine.

Compared with traditional aluminum cutting machinethe main advantage of laser cutting machine lies in speed and quality and its processed workpiece is smoother and defect free.
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Can Aluminum Plate Be Cut By Laser?

How thick the aluminum plate is cut by the laser cutting machine depends on the power of the laser.

Generally the 6000W laser cutting machine can cut max16mm thicknessand 4500W
laser cutting machine can cut up to 12mmbut the processing cost is high because it is a highly reflective material.

Laser cutting is to use the focused hiah-power density laser beam to irradiate the
workpiece, so that the irradiated material can quickly meltvaporize ablate or reach the ignition point,and blow away the molten material with the help of the highspeed air flow coaxial with the beamso as to cut the workpiece.

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