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Combination of handheld laser welding machine and new swing welding technology

Handheld laser welding machine, it is because of nearly a year, due to the introduction of new technology,

so that it is again recognized by the market users, to solve the user in the production application often encountered welding problems.

At the same time, it also improves the user's quality and production efficiency of sheet metal welding process handheld laser welding machine,

so what is the black technology of swing welding technology, so that the handheld laser welding machine once again become the "favorite" of the welding market?

Firstly, we focus on the swing function, that is, it uses the control unit to effectively control the welding process,

can adjust the size of light spot, optimize the beam quality, especially the multi-mode fiber mode, energy distribution is uniform.

The size of joint clearance is not required for workpiece welding. Compared with traditional welding equipment,

the welding transition is smoother, and the welding speed is higher and more reliable than YAG laser welding,

which is incomparable to commonly used argon arc welding. It saves a lot of production costs and makes users more worried.

Traditional argon arc welding, especially argon arc welding, its welding quality is poor, often appear virtual welding,

weld marks rough, easy to weld through metal sheet, welding cost is also higher, the environment, human body has a greater radiation effect!

In order to overcome the shortcomings of argon arc welding, the swinging hand-held laser welding equipment combined with the new welding technology has become a new equipment to replace the traditional welding.

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