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Correct cleaning method for optical 3000W fiber laser cutting machine lens

Optical 3000W fiber laser cutting machine used in the lens is divided into many kinds of focusing lens, protective lens, etc., in the process of its work will inevitably be some pollution,

such as water pollution or dust pollution, so the daily maintenance process needs to clean the laser lens,

in order to ensure the stability of the laser cutting machine. Of course, cleaning lenses can not be the same as clear lenses in our life,

need special attention, this article explains the correct cleaning method of laser lenses in optical fiber laser cutting machine.

Preventive measures:

1. Do not install lenses with bare fingers. Finger muffs or rubber gloves should be worn.

2. Do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratching the lens surface.

3. Do not touch the film when taking the lens, but hold the edge of the lens.

4, fiber laser cutting machine lens should be placed in a dry, clean place to detect and clean. A good table surface should have several layers of cleaning paper towels, and several sheets of cleaning lens cotton paper.

5, users should avoid talking over the lens, and keep food, drink and other potential pollutants away from the working environment.

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