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DA-66T Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Performance Brief & Standard configuration instructions

DA-66T Hydraulic Press Brake Machine  Performance Brief:

● Integral welding processing structure

● Imported international famous electro hydraulic servo valve and grating ruler form a closed loop control mode

● Slider position feedback accuracy is high, accurate and stable operation, good synchronization performance, bending accuracy, slider repeated positioning accuracy is high.

● The rear stopper can be used according to customer requirements with more complete functions of multiple rear stopper shaft rear stopper mechanism.

● Hydraulic system adopts integrated control system, reduce pipeline installation, customer leakage phenomenon, ensure the working stability of the machine tool, scientific and beautiful appearance.

● Hydraulic deflection automatic compensation mechanism, eliminate the slider deformation on the quality of the workpiece, CNC system automatically adjust the amount of compensation, easy and accurate operation.

● CNC system adopts the Netherlands DELEM, Italy ESA, Switzerland CYBELEC and other well-known brand bending machine special CNC system.

DA-66T Hydraulic Press Brake Machine  Standard configuration instructions:

● Hydraulic system: Germany BOSCH

● Servo motor and drive: Nanjing Eston

● Grating ruler: Heidenhain, Germany, Givi, Italy

● Ball screw, linear guide: Taiwan HIWIN

● Electrical components: Schneider, France

● Worktable compensation mode: hydraulic compensation or mechanical compensation

● With guide rail easy to adjust the moving front bracket

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