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DMP NC1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Machine-Main features

DMP NC1530 Portable Plasma Cutting Main features :

1. Programmable cutting of any planar shape parts.

2. Dynamic image display, easy to learn. The CAD file is directly converted into a program file by a computer andtransmitted to the host through a U disk to realize image cutting. It can also be programmed directly on the host.3. The guide rails and sliders are made of the entire aluminum alloy through high temperature failure drawing,replacing the old guide wheel mode. Ensure the stability and accuracy of the entire system operation

4. The vertical and horizontal movement structure of the whole machine is composed of high-precision molds andguide wheels to avoid vertical and horizontal jitter.

5, support multiple languages can be freely converted.

6, economical, lightweight, portable, easy to operate, strong work stability. Effectively shield plasma high-frequencyinterference.

7. Arc sub-tracking height adjustment during plasma cutting. It can detect the height of the plate and adjust it

automatically, which can effectively avoid faults such as gun collision and arc break, and effectively ensure the life ofthe cutting nozzle.

8, can be perfectly compatible with domestic and imported plasma



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