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Durmapress Ships a Batch of Equipment to Morocco

CNC WE67K-200T6000/DA53T Press brake16680x2000x2920 mmCanada

Durmapress recently shipped a comprehensive set of equipment to Morocco. Among the carefully selected items are the BS3015G-3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. This machine is complemented by a Fiber Optic Laser, ensuring consistent and reliable laser performance.

To support the laser cutting operations, Durmapress has also included a powerful 15KW Air Compressor. This heavy-duty compressor is essential for powering various pneumatic tools and equipment, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.The shipment also includes a Lock Former Machine, which is utilized for specific metal forming tasks, and a Press Brake Tool, which is crucial for bending and shaping metal sheets.

Durmapress takes pride in its packaging and shipping process. The equipment was carefully packed to ensure maximum safety during transit. The shipment fits snugly within a standard 20GP container, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in Morocco in pristine condition.

Equipment to Morocco

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