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Durmapress Ships DP-ES Servo CNC Press Brake 4+1 axis to Mexico

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WC67K-100T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake13560*2180*2480mmMozambique

Shipping Information

mexico press brake ship

On this sunny day, we are delighted to announce the shipment of a DP-ES Servo CNC Press Brake 4+1 axis to Mexico on March 21st. This company has shown great interest in our product, and after multiple communications and on-site visits, we have reached this collaboration.

Durmapress's DP-ES Servo CNC Press Brake 4+1axis features a full steel welded structure, with the working table composed of a base and a press plate. The machine's high dynamic capabilities enhance productivity, while its adherence to EU Directives ensures regulatory compliance. With reduced energy consumption, noise levels as low as 50 dB, and a servo-motor for closed-loop speed control, it achieves up to 35% more energy efficiency than traditional systems, minimizing operating costs and maximizing efficiency for users. Additionally, we provided technical guidance to the Mexican team to help them efficiently integrate this machine into their production.Durmapress ensured the safe transportation of the equipment by selecting a 40HQ large container for packaging and shipping.

We sincerely appreciate this company's support for our work, and we hope that Durmapress's press brake will enhance efficiency in their production. We welcome businesses from around the world to discuss cooperation with us.

mexico press brake ship
mexico press brake ship (4)
mexico press brake ship
Mexico press brake ship
mexico press brake ship

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