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Durmapress Ships Four Roller CNC Plate Bender to Russia

Order List

WC67K-100T3200 Hydraulic Press Brake13560*2180*2480mmMozambique

Shipping Information

W12 4rolls to Russica

Durmapress Company recently successfully shipped the W12 20*2500 Four Roller  CNC Plate Bender to Russia, marking a testament to the deep trust established between the company and its customer through multiple rounds of in-depth negotiations and on-site visits. Throughout the communication process, the Russian customer highly praised Durmapress Company's product quality, technical strength, and service attitude, expressing a strong willingness for long-term cooperation.

The Four Roller CNC Plate Bender is a kind of machine that uses rollers to bend and shape the plate. It rolls the rollers through external forces such as hydraulic pressure and mechanical force so that the plate can be pressed and bent or rolled and shaped, and it can make different shapes of parts such as conical parts and barrel parts, which is a very important kind of processing machine. The supporters above and on both sides of the machine are optional, supporters can move with the operation lever adjustment, which can assist longer or heavier plate forming work in the process of rolling work.

With the establishment of Durmapress Company's new factory, Durmapress provides a broader space for technical research and development. The construction of the new factory  Durmapress Company will continuously improve product quality and service levels to provide global customers with even better products and services. We welcome new and old customers to communicate and cooperate with us, and we are dedicated to serving you.

W12 4rolls to Russica
W12 4 roll Russia

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