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Durmapress Ships Machines to Paraguay

Order List

Hydraulic press brake(WC67K-100T3200)3560mm x2180mm x2480mm
Hydraulic swing beam shears(QC12Y - 4X3200)3680mm x1750mm x1880mm
Combined punching and shearing machine(Q35Y-20)1950mm x900mm x1950mm

Shipping Information

Durmapress recently shipped three of its machines, the Press Brake (WC67K-100T3200), Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears (QC12Y - 4X3200), and Combined Punching and Shearing Machine (Q35Y-20), to Paraguay. This collaboration was the result of multiple communications, factory visits, and a strong willingness to cooperate from both sides, culminating in a solid trust between the parties.

 These machines feature advanced hydraulic systems for precise bending, efficient cutting, and versatile punching/shearing capabilities. Ideal for industries like manufacturing, construction, and metal fabrication, they ensure streamlined processes and high-quality results.

Durmapress' new factory, which has recently opened, has further strengthened its product development and collaboration efforts. If you are also interested in these products or wish to explore potential collaborations, we welcome you to reach out to us.


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