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Durmapress Visits Clients in Mexico

During the FABTECH exhibition in Mexico, the Durmapress team embarked on an unforgettable journey to visit our long-standing clients. Engaging with our clients, we attentively listened to their genuine feedback and inquiries regarding product usage. These invaluable insights serve as the driving force behind our continuous improvement. Our technical experts also conducted meticulous product inspections and tailored discussions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Understanding that product quality and performance are paramount to our clients, we ensured that every detail met their expectations.

mexico visit

Furthermore, our dedicated technical team diligently installed and fine-tuned the press brake equipment on-site, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

We firmly believe that each suggestion and expectation from our clients serves as a crucial reference for us to enhance our products and services continuously. At Durmapress, we are dedicated to refining our products based on customer needs. Thus, this journey facilitated business exchanges and fostered sincere enthusiasm and trust from our clients. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each client for their unwavering support.

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