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The maintenance of the e21 press brake is right

Some sheet metal factories bought the bending machine, the use of less than two years of time is broken (except for poor quality machine tools) e21 press brake,

the problem is in the use of the way and maintenance of the machine. Let's see if you have done the right thing in the use and maintenance of the bending machine.

Bending machine  Precautions for use

  1. Before running the bending machine, the tools used must be matched with the control program
  2. Be sure to close the bending machine after the end of the work

Maintenance of bending machine


  1. It is suggested that the staff should have some experience in maintaining and repairing the bending machine, and carefully read the operation manual of the bending machine to be repaired.
  2. It is recommended that the bending machine manufacturer overhaul the machine tool
  3. The machine operator needs to check the machine every day to avoid oil leakage or loose parts of the machine
  4. If you cannot solve the machine fault by yourself, it is recommended to contact the bending machine manufacturer in time

How to correctly operate the automatic steel wire bending machine, so as to better use the equipment and reduce the failure rate of the equipment? This is the concern of many customers, how to do the correct steps.

  1. Check whether each line is connected and normal before use;
  2. Ensure that the motor of automatic wire bending machine is not abnormal;
  3. Do not touch the equipment with your hands or body to avoid unnecessary injuries;
  4. After the automatic steel wire bending machine starts up, pay attention to the operation of the machine. If there is any abnormality, it should be stopped immediately.


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