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E300P CNC System of bending machine with Touch screen

E300P The full touch bending machine numerical control device is a new generation of CNC system for conventional bending machine developed and produced by ESTUN Automation Co. Ltd, The CNC adheres to the tradition of stable and reliable quality and superior performance of ESTUN CNC products, it integrates the advanced technology of delem,Optimized operation interface,The full touch operation mode is adopted to improve the operation convenience of customers,The control function of the machine tool is enhanced, and the working efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool are improved as a whole,The cost of electrical configuration of machine tool is reduced,It is a leading CNC control device for conventional bending machine in China.

The control function is improved and supports the servo axis control of X, Y and R axes,Two modes of crowing-axis hydraulic and mechanical.

Built in machine control logic,Logic free configuration of hydraulic valve group,I / O function ports are freely configured to simplify External circuit.

Accurate angle programming and calculation function, tools library and material table, improve the accuracy of angle calculation.

  • The standard USB interface can backup of parameters and programs and online upgrade of system software.
  • ETS / Pronet series servo is equipped, with superior performance and stable quality.
  • Safety zone protection, collision detection, R-axis collision avoidance positioning function.
  • Built-in parameter backup and restore function to reduce service cost.
  • Resistive touch screen, stable and reliable, long work life.
    Integrated housing, ergonomic design, convenient operation, beautiful and easy installation.
  • One-page programming, concise and clear, quick programming page, easy and fast operation.
  • Advanced CAN bus servo control technology is adopted, with simple wiring, fast positioning speed, and high precision.
  • 10 " color LCD touch screen, which can be switched between Chinese and English, and two units of metric and British system are optional.

E300P Housing Combination

  • X, Y and R servo axes controlled by CAN bus
  • Crowing supports both mechanical and hydraulic modes
  • Built in machine work logic, multiple work modes
  • Tools library and material table
  • I / O ports are freely configurable
  • USB interface for backup and upgrade
  • parameter backup / restore function
  • Chinese / English Optional
  • Metric / imperial optional

ETS / Pronet Series Servo

Using the latest high-speed digital signal processor DSP,Advanced motion control software,Combined with feed forward control and command smoothing technology, the high response, high precision and high reliability of servo are truly realized.With the function of autom:

  • High speed, fast response, up to 3000 rpm
  • Stable quality and high reliability
  • Standard wiring, easy installation Can bus control, simple wiring and strong antiinterference ability

Electical Cabinet

  • Passed ISO9001 certification
  • High quality cabinet, Comply with EMC standards
  • The main components are imported or well-known brands
  • Adopt the most advanced electrical design software (E_ Plan) design
  • Advanced and reliable production and installation technology
  • It is manufactured by automatic assembly line

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