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Advantages of electro-hydraulic bending controlled by servo pump

The simulation model of proportional servo valve control system and servo pump control system for NUMERICAL control bending machine is established and compared

The power and oil consumption of the two systems in the working cycle proved that the hydraulic system of servo pump controlled bending machine was decreasing

It has more advantages in energy consumption. And in the actual process, the machine is not always working, often in the standby state. In the standby state, the energy saving advantage of the servo pump control system will be more obvious than the working state.

) Due to the traditional electro-hydraulic bending machine using throttling proportional servo system, the motor continues to work with load, oil

Working under high pressure for a long time, and due to the throttle system, the oil temperature is high. Pump controlled bending machine in operation

Only in the work (slow forward) and return (long lift) when the motor is running, the rest of the time is stopped, and work

The oil does not pass through the throttling device during operation.

Energy saving, 70% energy saving than the same specifications of electro-hydraulic CNC bending machine, 8 hours a day working schedule, 160 tons of models,

A year can save tens of thousands of yuan of electricity.

> The working oil temperature is low, so only 1/4 of the hydraulic oil is needed for ordinary electro-hydraulic CNC bending.

Because the oil temperature is very low, the sealing ring life is longer.

Fast working speed, can do twice as fast as electro-hydraulic machine.

Due to the use of closed loop and double servo system, the bending accuracy is very high.

Low noise due to servo motor oil supply system.

> Low oil requirements, reduce maintenance requirements, solenoid valve is not easy to damage, save maintenance costs.

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