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Electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC bending machine has good stiffness and stability

Electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC bending machine has good stiffness and stability, eliminate stress; Hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable operation; Electro-hydraulic servo system, full closed-loop feedback control synchronization; The anti-throat deformation system of the bending machine ensures the bending accuracy.

Standard configuration :(4+1) shaft; Y1 and Y2 axes control the numerical axes of the cylinders on both sides; X controls the movement of rear stopper before and after; R controls the up and down movement of the rear gauge, and V compensates the worktable.

The structural characteristics of the machine

Whole steel plate welding machine, after tempering vibration to eliminate stress, good stability; Machine sandblasting rust removal, and sprayed with anti-rust paint; The frame is clamped and formed by imported CNC three-dimensional machining center to ensure the parallelism and verticality of each mounting surface. The computer system can control Y1, Y2 axis (Y1 controls the left cylinder, Y2 controls the right cylinder) to ensure the synchronized movement of the slider, X-axis controls the dimensional accuracy of the rear baffle, R-axis controls the upper and lower dimensional accuracy of the rear baffle, and V-axis computer hydraulic control table compensation accuracy. (Z1, Z2) The lateral movement of the two rear stopper fingers is electrically controlled

1. Slider structure

Upper moving bending design, low noise, stable working state

◆ Double guide rail structure, slide block more stable operation

◆ Y1, Y2 can be programmed separately, can work under partial load

The bottom dead point has the pressure holding time, programmable, to ensure the accuracy of different parts

With the function of slow rebound control, the operator can better control the workpiece.

Comfortable operation with highly modern technology, will greatly improve the efficiency of the machine tool.

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