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Specific reasons of abnormal servo motor in fiber laser cutting machine

Especially when the servo motor abnormal phenomenon occurs in the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, we should pay extra attention to it. The following is the reason analysis:

First, why can't the original area use general ordinary motor.

Because the altitude of the motor temperature rise, motor corona (voltage motor) and DC motor commutation have adverse effects.Therefore, we should pay attention to the following two aspects:

1. Corona prevention measures should be taken when high voltage motor is used at high altitude;

2, the altitude of the DC motor commutation is adverse, pay attention to the selection of carbon brush materials.

So in the plateau area we generally do not choose ordinary motor, and pick the original special motor.

Second, in the cold environment, why can not arbitrarily start the motor.

Because the motor is too long in the low temperature environment, the following problems will occur:

1. Motor insulation cracking;

2. Bearing grease freezes;

3, wire joint solder powder.

Therefore, the motor should be heated and stored in the cold environment, and the windings and bearings should be checked before operation.

In short, no matter what kind of fault we encountered in the process of using fiber laser cutting machine, we must not be able to turn a blind eye to it.

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