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Precautions for cleaning control cabinet of fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

Control cabinet cleaning fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

1. Use compressed air to clean the dust on the circuit board in the electrical cabinet;

2. Check whether CNC/Servo/Devicenet Settings are correct;

3. Check and adjust the Settings of each gas in Gascon;

4. Check and adjust the adjustment of analog voltage of each shaft Servo;

5. Clean the inlet and outlet filter screen of the air conditioner with compressed air;

6. Check whether the temperature in the electrical cabinet is normal and whether the air conditioning is working normally;

7. Check whether the electric control cabinet door is tightly closed.

Cleaning of dust collector fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

1. Check the dust collector's hopper, if the amount of dust exceeds 3/4, clean the hopper in time

2. Check whether the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter element is normal, and replace the filter element if necessary;

3. Check whether the compressed air pressure at the entrance of the dust collector is normal and clean the oil filter;

4. Check whether the seal of dust collector is intact and replace it if necessary;

5. Check whether the air duct is tight.

Cleaning of water cooler fiber laser cutting machine 3000w

1. Use compressed air to clean the dust on the surface of the radiator and inside the water cooler every week, as well as the dust on the surface of the fan;

2. Check whether there is water leakage inside the water cooler;

3. Check whether the water level of the water cooler meets the requirements, and add water if necessary (softened water must be used);

4. Clean the filter element on the waterway regularly.

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