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Fiber laser cutting machine is actually a laser cutting machine type of a special transmission named, some customers dedicated to kitchen cutting, so called kitchen laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine market value is very high, has been applied in many industries, such as the automotive industry,

elevator manufacturing industry, furniture industry and so on, can cut wood, low carbon steel, stainless steel,

rubber, plastic (polymer), leather and other materials, so laser cutting machine in kitchen and bathroom industry is playing a small role.

Kitchen and toilet supplies mainly have ambry, range hood machine, microwave oven, oven, disinfection cabinet Fiber laser cutting machine,

washing pool, refrigerator, rice cooker, hearth, gas water heater, there are some daily necessities such as flower sprinkling, faucet, shower room, mop pool.

High-end hutch defends market supplies, general is 3 mm thick stainless steel sheet metal under the panel, sheet metal pieces of many varieties,

many do stainless steel sink, wash basin, floor drain with laser cutting machine processing, they are in the process of machining,

he section requirements is not high, are secondary processing (polishing), general washing plate cutting thickness 0.6 1 mm, thickness 5 mm below the floor drain.

Kitchen and bathroom products update fast, large market demand, a lot of manufacturers use laser cutting machine,

not only processing speed, high efficiency, simple operation, and can complete a variety of shapes of the plate cutting,

do not need mold or tool change, shorten the preparation time cycle, save a lot of consumables cost and labor cost.

And the application of laser cutting machine simplify the procedure of processing technology and the higher level,

production cycle is short, don't need to make mould, reduce the cost of the mould part consumption time, stable performance,

few fault, won't have any stamping of hutch defends products processing, processing surface without burr, without secondary processing,

proofing can quickly realize the mass production.

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