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What factors affect the servo motor operation of fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in the society, in many industries, welcomed by customers, and help customers improve production efficiency, improve product competitiveness. But at the same time we are not very understanding of the function of the machine components, so today we will talk about the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine servo motor by what factors.


1. Fiber laser cutting machine Mechanical factors


Mechanical problems are common, mainly in design, transmission, installation, materials, mechanical wear and other aspects.


2. Mechanical resonance


The biggest influence of mechanical resonance on servo system is that the response of servo motor cannot be improved continuously, so that the whole equipment is in a relatively low response state.


3. Mechanical jitter


Mechanical jitter is also a mechanical natural frequency problem, which usually appears in the single-end fixed suspension beam structure, especially in the acceleration and deceleration stage.


4. Mechanical internal stress, external force and other factors


Mechanical internal stress and static friction may vary for each drive shaft on the equipment due to different mechanical materials and installations.


5. Numerical control system factors


In some cases, servo debugging is not effective and may require intervention to adjust the control system.

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