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Application scope of fiber laser cutting machine

Fabric laser is a kind of solid state laser with the best beam quality. The optical fiber's beam diameter is smaller than carbon dioxide,

allowing for finer details. Fiber laser cutting machines are 100 times more powerful than gas laser machines.

Fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications, so it has many applications, 5 such uses are listed below:

1. Medical devices: Without fiber laser cutting machine, medical field can not imagine its present and future.

Laser cutting is used in every step of the medical field, from cutting small parts for really complex medical

equipment to laser surgery performed on human tissue.

2. Jewelry: Jewelry manufacturers are in desperate need of a reliable and cost-effective technology that can deliver precise cutting in less time, superior edge quality, the ability to cut complex shapes and high productivity. Fiber laser cutting machines meet all these requirements and are widely used in the industry.

3. Cars: The auto industry is huge and growing every second. Using fiber laser cutting machines makes it easier for the industry to respond to daily advances in design and technology. These machines are ideal for cutting smaller and complex parts used in cars, as well as hydraulically formed parts, which are 3D shaped metal parts with high precision. These machines are designed not only for cutting metal, but also for several other materials, such as cloth for airbags. Unlike traditional processes that use blades, it leaves no wear and tear as it cuts the fabric.

4. Electronic products: Silicon is the most important material for PCB in semiconductor and microelectronics industry. As electronics become more compact, PCBS are bound to get smaller. In this case, fiber laser cutting machines are ideal for cutting thin and delicate materials like silicon.

Textile industry: Fabric laser cutting machines have become increasingly popular in the textile industry recently because they are extremely accurate, cut clean, sealed fabric edges to prevent wear and tear, and can cut a variety of

5. Textiles such as polyester, silk, cotton, leather, nylon and neoprene.

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