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Effectively solve the three major problems in fiber laser cutting machine cnc

Found that the cutting effect is not good, should first check whether the following situation occurs: 1, all the lenses in the laser head no pollution, are clean 2,

water temperature of the water tank is normal, the laser no condensation phenomenon 3,

cutting gas purity, gas flow, no leakage phenomenon laser cutting machine cnc

A: cut striped, nozzle type selection is wrong, 1 nozzle is too large, air pressure setting is wrong,

2 set pressure too large burnt have stripes 3, cutting speed is wrong,

cutting speed too slow or too fast will also cause fully burnt solution 1, replace the nozzle,

replace the small nozzle diameter, such as 16 mm carbon steel bright surface cutting,

can choose high-speed nozzle D1.4; 20mm carbon steel bright surface can choose high-speed nozzle D1.62, reduce the cutting pressure,

improve the quality of end face cutting 3, adjust the cutting speed, power and cutting speed match properly

There is tumor residue at the bottom of the two: 1, selection of the nozzle is too small, cutting focus do not match 2, pressure is too small or too large,

cutting too fast 3, plate material is poor, plate quality is bad, the small nozzle is very difficult to remove tumor residue solution 1, the replacement of large diameter nozzle,

adjustment of composition to the suitable position for 2, increase or decrease in pressure, until the appropriate gas flow sheet 3

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