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Fiber laser cutting machine DS series Product features

Fiber laser cutting machine DS series Product features

1, the use of welding structure bed, the overall high temperature aging treatment and high precision processing technology

2, adopt gantry double drive structure

3, the use of aviation aluminum beam and Z axis

4, high precision rack, gear bilateral structure

  1. Design of moving cutting head with concave and convex surface of distance plate
  2. Universal ball feeding device

7, multiple limit protection (induction limit, hard limit, origin limit)

Two, Fiber laser cutting machine DS series technical parameters:

  1. Maximum processing plate size: 4000x2000mm
  2. Y-axis stroke: 4010mm
  3. X-axis travel: 2010mm

4.Z axis travel: 80mm

  1. Maximum speed of X and Y axis: ≥100 m/min
  2. Maximum acceleration of X and Y axis: 1.5g

7.X and Y axis positioning accuracy: ± 0.03/M mm

8.X and Y axis repeated positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mm

  1. Power of laser generator: 1500 W
  2. Cutting capacity: carbon steel plate 14 mm

Stainless steel 7 mm

Aluminum plate 6 mm

Brass 4 mm


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