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How to install the focusing mirror of fiber laser cutting machine

Customers who have bought fiber laser cutting machines know that the focusing mirror is a vulnerable part. Many people do not know how to replace it. Now let the small editor teach you how to install the focusing mirror.

Laser cutting machine focus mirror in a long time after use, if there is a film, dent, scratch and other phenomena will make the function of laser equipment greatly reduced. If you want to play the function of laser cutting machine, you need to replace the new lens in time. So, how do we install the focus lens correctly?

Installation method of laser cutting machine focusing mirror:

1, the laser cutting machine focus lens of the protective film in the heart of the hand, the convex side of the lens up

2. Pick up the focusing tube and carefully place it in the hand of the lens to cover the whole lens

3. Rotate your left and right hands 180 degrees clockwise at the same time

4. After placing the pressure lens, tighten the pressure mirror nut with a small steel ruler

5. Install the jet cup on the focusing barrel of the laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine focus mirror note:

1, laser cutting machine lens convex upward, can not be installed

2. No stains or fingerprints are allowed on the surface of the mirror

3. Put the steel ruler into the clamping slot, gently rotate and tighten it, and the steel ruler edge should not touch the part of the lens

4, shake gently, the lens is not loose

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