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Fiber laser welding machine details for which industries

Fiber laser welding machine details is a laser processing technology used in welding field. According to its working method, it can be divided into laser mold welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, jewelry laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, fiber laser welding machine, vibration mirror welding machine, hand-held laser welding machine and so on. Laser welding machine can be used in which industries? Here is a brief introduction to light rhyme.

Manufacturing industry:

Laser welding production line is now appearing in the automobile manufacturing industry, engine cylinder gasket, hydraulic rod seal welding, spark plug welding, filter welding reflects the excellent performance of laser welding, and the characteristics of large batch and high degree of automation in the automobile industry.

Sheet metal industry:

Laser welding is applied in every link of life, such as water pipe joint, reducing joint, three-way, valve, shower welding, aluminum alloy welding of door and window industry, door handle welding, metal welding of cabinet industry, water bottle, impeller, metal stamping casting welding of hardware industry, etc.

Handicraft industry:

Laser welding is widely used in handicraft industry with high precision and small surface damage. Precision welding of stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials of glasses buckle and outer frame in glasses industry.

Medical industry:

Medical devices also involve laser welding, including stainless steel seals and structural parts of medical devices, pacemaker welding, etc.

3C Communication industry:

Solid state relay seal breaking welding, connector and connector welding, metal shell and mobile phone, MP3 and other structural parts welding.

Electronic and electrical industry:

Motor housing and connectors, optical fiber connector joint welding, electronic components, sensor welding, etc.

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