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Four roller bending machine manufacturers to tell you about bending machine movement and maintenance

Four roller bending machine manufacturer: daily maintenance of bending machine

The daily maintenance of the winding machine is very important, only in this way can prolong its service life. Today we are going to introduce the daily maintenance and maintenance of the winding machine matters needing attention. Hope our introduction is helpful to you!

1. According to the provisions of the machine lubrication diagram, oil the lubrication point and manual lubrication point of each oil cup as required.

2. Roll the plate according to the parameters specified by the rolling machine. The rolled sheet is 20 mm thick and 2500 mm long with a yield limit of less than 250 mpa.

3. After switching on the power supply, move the lower roller forward and backward and move the upper roller up and down to check whether there is abnormal jam in each movement.

4. Strictly follow the rolling process and operation method. When the upper roll is raised to the limit position, special attention should be paid to the safe operation of the equipment.

5. During operation, all personnel shall coordinate with each other and obey the command of the person in charge of the coil. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without password.

6. When rolling the plate, pay attention to safety and prevent the hand from being pressed by the steel plate and being involved in the steel plate.

7. When the main drive stops, the upper roll can be lifted, the turning bearing can be reset, and the upper roll can be tilted.

8. In the process of operation, if abnormal phenomena such as irregular noise and impact are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

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