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The advantages of four roller plate rolling machine

CNC four-roll plate rolling machine can process sheet metal into cylindrical, conical, arc plate and other parts.

The four-roller plate rolling machine can pre-bend once, rolling various specifications of cylindrical, arc workpiece.

Conical cylindrical parts can be rolled with the help of auxiliary equipment.

CNC four-roller plate rolling machine alignment, pre-bending, rolling a rolling completed, pre-bending remaining straight edge 1.5 times plate thickness,

rolling precision is high. The four-roll plate winder can be bent symmetrically or asymmetrically according to the position Settings of the rollers on both sides,

so that the machine can be rolled into the ideal cylinder in one go, without the need for a press to pre-bend the plate end.

These advantages of the four-roller bending machine:

Pre-bending through the lower roll rise, clamp the end of the steel plate, the side roll tilt up to achieve the end of the plate pre-bending.

The machine lower roller, side roller lifting displacement by intelligent PLC programmable controller control, automatic leveling,

digital display screen, synchronous accuracy ± 0.15mm.

The lower roller and side roller can be tilted at one end, and can rise and fall at the same time under the inclined state.

The upper and lower rollers are mainly driven by the friction between the steel plate and the roller

to drive the side roller to rotate and provide torque for coiling.

Four-roll plate rolling machine and symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine comparison, it can not use other equipment mold,

direct bending plate end, and the remaining straight edge is smaller; Compared with the asymmetric three-roll bending machine,

it can be rolled into workpiece without the plate turning. This not only improves the efficiency, to ensure the quality of the workpiece,

and the process is simple, easy to operate, reduce the labor intensity of workers.


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