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How to use a four-roller plate winder for drum winding?

How to improve the efficiency of the bending machine, the next may wish to continue, its content is as follows.

1. Four roller bending machine, its high efficiency?

The working efficiency of the four-roll rolling machine, it can be said, is very high, because this kind of rolling machine,

it is suitable for bending metal sheet forming, so, you can use it to round or arc winding work. In addition,

for a certain range of tapering, can also be carried out and very well completed. And, compared with the three roller bending machine,

there is a plate end pre-bending this function, its remaining straight edge is small, therefore, it said that its work efficiency is high.

2. How to use a four-roller plate winder for drum winding? Are there any considerations?

In general, it is necessary to make an arc sample before rolling. Then, it is necessary to carry out pre-bending work,

and check how the pre-bending radian is, whether it meets the requirements, and whether it is properly controlled.

Then, step by step to roll, in order to close to the standard cylinder size, so that it is also convenient to carry out the rear straightening work.

During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to that if the bending machine is too large, or there is insufficient,

then it can be corrected by the four-roller bending machine after the completion of welding, so as to get qualified cylinder.

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