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Full Covered Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with exchanged Table product characteristics

Full Covered Fiber Laser Cutting Machine   product characteristics

1, Fully enclosed, large surrounded, space saving, high safety.The cutting work part adopts the full surrounding, one key exchange platform, improve the cutting efficiency of thick plate and heavy plate, adopt the safety light curtain multi-ground emergency stop and other safety measures, make the operator safe.

2, two-year warranty.

3, the bed is high speed and high rigidity bed, high temperature CNC furnace standard quenching treatment, stable operation, fast speed, accuracy for a long time to maintain.

4, the operation speed can reach 120m/min, the market operation speed is 60-100m/min.

III. Application fields and materials:

Sheet metal industry, auto parts, electrical cabinet production, advertising board production, kitchenware, refrigeration equipment, water purification treatme

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