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Half-year maintenance of the Full Covered Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table (or after 2000 hours of operation)

1) Check whether there is any corrosion phenomenon in the cooling water pipe of the laser head. If there is, it should be processed or replaced in time.

2) Check whether the fuel tank of the excitation power supply is leaking

3) Check whether the high-voltage cable is damaged Full Covered Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Table .

4) Check and clean the inside of the laser cavity and all the lensesincluding the front window mirror tail mirror reflector etc.

5)After the internal lens of the laser is cleanedthe light output mode of the laser should be readiusted until the correct mode is reached.

6) Replace the vacuum pump oil

7) Replace the Roots pump oil.

8)Tighten all plugs carefully to ensure the air tightness of the Roots pump

9) There is a white plastic plug on the gas splitter at the outlet end of the Roots pump.
Clean this plug and apply silicone grease to its inner surface.The purpose of this silicone grease is to adsorb and capture physical impurities in the circulating gas of the laser.(Only use silicone-free high-vacuum silicone grease and apply thinly)

10. Maintenance ofthe chiler

The chiller should perform regular maintenance to ensure that the machine works in a
good state.If there’s any malfunction,you should ask professional technicians to repai it and you are not allowed to disassemble the machine by yourself.

The daily maintenance of chiller should pay attention to the following aspects

1) Regularly clean the heat sink.The cleaning method is:

Carefully brush the heat sink with a brush and then blow it with compressed air.If
necessaryclean and rinse the heat sink with water and special aircondition fin cleanser(commonly known as polyester dust)

2) Clean the condenser regularly (the method is the same as above)

3) Check the water level in the water tank of the chiller regularly.If the water level is too low, you need to add pure water or deionized water in time.

4) Regularly check the electrical terminals and remove the dust(must be performed after power off).

5) Regularly check whether the joints in the water system are leaking and whether the pipeline is aging.If there is a leak,replace the relevant components in time.

6) Regularly check the water quality in the water tank of the chillerIf the cooling water quality deteriorates, the turbidity and the transparency decreasethe deteriorated cooling water should be replaced timelyDiscard all and replace with new cooling water

7)Clean up impurities on the filter element regularly.If the filter element is damaged, it should be replaced in time.The replacement filter element must use the standard filter element required by the manufacturer.

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