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Gantry type CNC Plasma cutter  Equipment structure features & chassis side panel features

I.Gantry type CNC Plasma cutter  Equipment structure features:

1) Main girder features: transverse and longitudinal guideways are made of the overall high strength aluminum alloy die opening, good stability, light, no deformation, beautiful and elegant, easy to move and cut on site, improve efficiency, easy to install and packaging.

2) The characteristics of the bottom plate: 10mm aluminum alloy plate, the holes processed on the bottom plate are processed by CNC machining center, the accuracy is guaranteed, the service life is longer.

3) Oxygen and acetylene pipes have been provided on the cross beam, which is convenient and safe without connecting the air pipe.Longitudinal guide rail has a fixed slot, easy to fix the guide rail.

Two, Gantry type CNC Plasma cutter  chassis side panel features:

1) The new combined chassis structure design, the cross arm and the main console as well as the mechanical and numerical control parts can be decomposed and combined.

2) The plug plate and the cabinet are split, which is easy for maintenance and loading. Fan cooling is added to avoid the high temperature inside the cabinet.

3) The plug board is equipped with a 4-core plasma interface (arc starting and arc pressure detection). If plasma is not selected, the equipment is also equipped with a plasma interface for backup.

4) Equipped with off-line switch, easy to cut the gun to find the benchmark, improve efficiency, there is an emergency stop switch, emergency use.

5) The background color of the equipment shall be red.

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