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Hand held laser welding machine (wire feed welding)-Product Description

Hand held laser welding machine Product Description:

Compared with traditional laser, fiber laser has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption and better beam quality.Fiber lasers are compact and ready to use.Because of its flexible laser output mode, it can be easily integrated with the system equipment.

The series hand-held laser welding machine is an industrial single mode fiber laser welding machine with high beam quality, high efficiency, high reliability and maintenance free.

The main features of the product are:

(1) High beam quality laser output;

(2) High power and high efficiency;

(3) High reliability, long life;

(4) Maintenance-free;

(5) Independently designed chassis, compact structure;

(6) Convenient control interface;

(7) fast modulation ability.Main application areas of the product:

(8) Industrial applications

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