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The price of handheld laser welding machine is determined by these two points

Hand-held laser welding machine is now commonly used in the production of welding equipment, many processing plants need to purchase hand-held laser welding machine, in the procurement of nature to pay attention to the cost and sex comparison, too expensive or poor quality of the welding machine to buy back, not only the cost will be high, but also affect processing.

Handheld laser welding machine price is determined by which two points? This time, laser welding machine manufacturer - Shangwu laser will share with you.


1. Welding method


Handheld laser welding machine prices can be based on different types, different materials, different organizations of the equipment to change, such as welding metal, stainless steel, different materials laser welding machine need to use different equipment, but also led to the laser welding machine price is not the same;


2, the brand


With the development of handheld laser welding machine, laser welding machine manufacturers are also more and more, but also because of this, many unknown small manufacturers are also mixed in, under the name of low price to deceive consumers, laser welding machine prices will change because of the brand.

These are the factors affecting the price of hand-held laser welding machine. Shangwu laser is specialized in scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales as one of the whole series of laser welding machine automation equipment enterprises, we always uphold the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation" concept, welcome consultation and cooperation!

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