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How to transform ordinary high quality hydraulic press brake

In today's production conditions, ordinary bending machine very affect the production efficiency, ordinary bending machine can not meet the accuracy required by existing products;

If the enterprise newly acquired a high quality hydraulic press brake and increased the burden of the enterprise,

at the same time the ordinary bending machine eliminated is also a waste.

And we only need to technical transformation of the ordinary bending machine can improve production efficiency and bending accuracy.

The following details how to transform ordinary CNC bending machine.

Technical requirements for the transformation of ordinary CNC bending machine:

1. Electrical part: NUMERICAL control system: add NUMERICAL control system E210 + suspension arm.

Servo system: replace the original common three-phase asynchronous motor drive with servo drive motor.

Electric control box: add 2 sets of servo drive, circuit breaker and intermediate relay inside the electric box if the original box allows.

Also can be re-equipped with a small electrical box, will increase the components according to the need to make an independent electrical box,

as long as the electrical box from the power supply, the increase of NUMERICAL control input and output

signals and the new configuration of the electrical box signal can be exchanged.

2. Mechanical part: the servo motor part of the rear stop material is installed for processing transition parts

(the installation size of the ordinary motor is different from the size of the ESTUN servo motor that needs to be replaced, so it needs to be reprocessed) to reduce errors.

3, hydraulic system: retain the original hydraulic system, the newly added NUMERICAL control system of the original machine tool valve group output control can be flexibly assembled

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