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Bending coefficient of high quality hydraulic press brake & Adjustment of bending machine

Bending coefficient of high quality hydraulic press brake:

1. The bending coefficient algorithm is usually calculated by bending 90 degrees, and the detailed data depends on the knife slot of the bending machine and the sheet metal material applied

2. The bending coefficients include two definitions (BENDING deduction δ CURVES and bending coefficient δ correlation), namely, two algorithms, but the values developed by both algorithms are consistent

3. The specific algorithm is: The bending deduction δ KP is equal to the sum of the outer gears size minus the expansion length L; The bending coefficient δ T is equal to the sum of the spread length L minus the dimension of the interband

Adjustment of bending machine:

1. Machine tool adjustment

2, bending machine to remove the upper and lower die, rear retaining device. To reduce the cost of machine tool acquisition.

3, bending machine another slider "T" on the mold plate, zhuhai CNC bending machine, and flip leveling. Main function: press the upper die, but must press to the upper die die stamping *.

4, bending machine to remove the next die workbench, CNC bending machine price, and do another widening, grinding "U" type with "T" groove workbench in the middle. The main function of "U" type working table is to restrict the series movement of the mould and make the mould slide along the length direction of the working table. "T" groove for fixing molds.

5. Each end of the bending machine table makes an adjustable travel block. The adjustable stroke block can limit the working stroke of the mold and protect the mold.

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