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High Speed Full electro-servo CNC turret punch press

CNC turret punch press Features:

Main transmission adopts direct drive servo motor, which retains the advantage of simple and reliable structureas mechanical transmission, at the same time, servo transmission has a better performance than

hydraulic transmission. ES300 series punch press has the characteristics of high-efficiency, energy-saving,

low-noise, high-accuracy, and can realize many processes like cutting, forming, rolling, lettering and SO on.The punching force is 300KN, the max. sheet size can be fabricated is 5000x1250mm (with one

re-positioning), five-axis machining (X, Y, T, C, A). The core of the Windows operating system and CNCKAD

application. CAD two-dimensional graphics programming; Batch drag and drop processing of files in DXF, DWG orIGES format, direct nesting

Servo system- Japan Panasonic AC servo motor and servo amplifier unit; Punching power-Nanjing ESTUN allelectric servo motor; Adopt O-frame steel frame welding frame; line guider and ball screw choose GermanyREXROTH or Taiwan HIWIN.

Advantages :

Stable Performance

Unique design of high-rigid machine body, international standard tempering treatment after welding.Energy-saving & High Efficiency

The main punching power adopts full electro-servo motor technology, average power consumption is 4.5KWH3609 Tool Rotation / Auto-index

With auto-index working station, you can punch at whatever angle you like.Rolling Technology

One of the biggest advatage of servo punching head is the adjustable punching stroke. The punching head canstop at any position. You have have a pefect 3609 rib and offset with rolling tools.

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